It's All In The Details

It's All In The Details

With the high street full of the same things, it can be difficult to find your own style and stand out from the mundane.

Accessorising your outfits with jewellery is a great way to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Johnny is pictured below wearing a Slack Jaw Apparel T-shirt but accessorised with several Volstead pieces. On his right hand; 1. Long John Silver (Ring Finger ), 2. Davy Jones' Locker (Middle Finger )  3. Hold Fast (Index Finger) 


On his left hand he's wearing; 1. The Navigator Bracelet (Wrist)  2. Blind Pig Signet (Pinky Finger), 3. Blind Tiger (Ring Finger)  4. Volstead Skull (Index Finger) 


Sam (below) is wearing; Brixton; Messer Fedora Hat (in black), Mango; Aviator Jacket (available at ASOS), Apothecary 87; Logo T-shirt (in black), Knight and Dellaway; The Outsider Pack (in black).


The rings Sam is wearing (above) are; Apothecary 87 The Man Club ring and The Blind Tiger Signet ring. (pinky finger).



Jimmy (below) is wearing; Christys' Chepstow Trilby Hat (in Black), Unionwell T-shirt (although the one pictured is no longer available, there are similar on their website), and a Harris Tweed Wallet. Of course no hot day would be complete without an Iced Coffee.. the one pictured is from Fitch Brew Co.

The rings Jimmy is wearing on his right hand are; The Barber Skull and on his Left hand he has The Apothecary 87 Man Club ring (Index Finger). This exclusive ring you cannot buy, but must be gifted. And finally on his pinky finger he's wearing the Blind Tiger.


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