Jewellery Care Guide

Jewellery Care Guide

A question we’re often asked by our customers is “how do I look after my Volstead piece?”

The good news? We’ve carefully written this guide, centred entirely around helping you look after your piece and getting as much life out of it as possible, then you can stay badass for longer!

Know your silver rating

Every sterling silver piece has a rating, and each rating requires a different level of care. All of our handcrafted pieces are .925 sterling silver so they don’t require constant cleaning and polishing. But giving them a quick clean and polish every so often can help to prevent them from tarnishing.

Keep it clean

When washing your Volstead pieces, soak them in warm water and a mild soap to clean. You can also use a baking soda and water solution. To dry, use a soft lint free cloth or a cotton bud for detailed pieces to prevent scratches.

And when polishing, use a soft lint-free cloth and an up-down motion to not highlight any existing scratches.

Wear it often

Whether it is one of our regal rings or crackin’ chains, wearing it often instead of keeping it in a jewellery box can actually help to prevent tarnishing. Your skin’s natural oils help to keep your jewellery shiny and looking less dull.

But, not all the time 

On the flip-side, don’t wear it all the time. Wearing silver jewellery in the shower, swimming pool, hot tub and hot springs can damage your pieces from the harsh chemicals used. Even chemicals in skincare and perfumes can affect them so make sure to put them on last, after the products are applied and dried.

Make sure to remove your jewellery when doing household chores, exercising and cooking as well.

Store your jewellery correctly

No matter what jewellery it is, it's important to store your pieces to prevent damage. Exposure to air and sunlight can tarnish your silver, so it is important to not just leave them lying around. Instead, it's best to store them separately in airtight containers or bags, and unclasped if necessary to stop tangling and scratching. For extra prevention, storing them with silica gel packets helps remove moisture.




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