Sizing and Styling a Midi Ring

Sizing and Styling a Midi Ring

The midi ring. Something to wear to make a statement, or simply to accessorise your bare hands. Whether it is the former or the latter, we have you covered. And if you are a midi ring novice, we have some tips to help get your collection started. 


As midi rings usually sit either just below or above your bottom knuckle, you would need to size down a couple sizes from your usual size. We would recommend two or three full sizes. So, if you’re a size 6.5 on your index, you will potentially be a 4.5 in a midi ring. It just depends on which ring you choose and where exactly you want it to sit on the finger. If you’re still unsure though, we have a ring sizer to help you get an accurate size.


Whether you want to wear it solo, or with multiple different pieces - how you want to style a midi is down to you. And it doesn’t have to be a midi ring! All of our pieces would look great decorating your knuckle! 

Still a little unsure? Here is some inspiration


Lisa, @heylizmarie, rocking the Davy Jones Locker on its own.


Kellsey, @kllsym, styling the Valour with the Barber Skull and Death Moth.

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