The Origins of the Death Moth

The Origins of the Death Moth

The Death Moth, a staple in our ever-growing collection of pieces - whether it be the classic Death Moth ring, or new Death Moth Pendant. But where does it come from?

The concept comes from the Death’s Head Hawk Moth, a moth with a distinctive pattern of a human skull on the body. Inspired by this, the ‘Death Moth’ tattoo design emerged. But, despite its name, it doesn’t always symbolise death. 

Thought to use the moonlight to navigate their flight, the moth is the perfect representation of striving for a goal and cannot be knocked off course.

It can be a positive or negative omen, something that signifies an upcoming opportunity or a warning for the future. Some people get the Death Moth tattoo to remind themselves that good things are around the corner, but others have it so they don’t forget to make the most of life because death is around the corner. 

Photo by: @saturnia_tattoos


We took that and made it our own. Putting a twist on a classic tattoo and creating jewellery dedicated to it. For us, the Death Moth is  a reminder to live life to the fullest but also to be different and not follow the norm. Why be a copy when you can be an original?

Our Death Moth are simple yet crafted to make a statement. Featuring a Death Moth carved into the face of the ring and its intricately detailed wings wrapped around the front of the band. Towards the back, it takes a minimal approach with simple geometric patterns. For the inside, we followed the shape of the wings and carved an isometric tile pattern to add a hidden touch of creativity.

The new Death Moth pendant follows the same as the ring, but with its own touch of individuality. We have taken the classic moth and carved it onto a geometric patterned coffin. Following the minimalist theme, the flattened back features the same geometric pattern so it fits flush with the skin. 

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