We Are Volstead

We Are Volstead

We set up shop just over one year ago, with the idea to create jewellery with a difference. There were so many brands out there doing the same thing, and it bored us. Dull, plain, minimalist and lacking in character, we set out with a mission to create a brand full of character and detail, to allow our pieces to allow the wearer to express themselves for who they really are.

Our first step was to really evaluate the real estate of an item of jewellery, and what we found was there wasn't much happening in the way of jewellery design. We took the concept of a ring, and used every surface, edge and platform as an area to design on. With this, we realised our love of intricacy and detail, even when hidden on our pieces, and this is where the name for the brand was inspired...

...Volstead, named after Andrew Volstead, the man who started the Volstead Act of 1919, AKA the Prohibition. This was an era when the world was in a dark time. America was rife with hidden bars & speakeasies, which where a hive of life and activity. The intricacy of life, and the detail of day to day life was hidden away, out of site of the rules, regulations and laws of the time. We took this inspiration and put it into our jewellery, when society dictates a norm and trend to counter to this idea.

We live our lives, expressing ourselves through any means we can: personality, communication, fashion & lifestyle. Volstead is here to create the ability to take expression of self further. 

We are here to bee seen, we are here to be known, we are here to empower, we are here to build, we are here to create...

...We Are Volstead!


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