What is a standard size?

What is a standard size?

A standard size. Something seen quite often with rings. But what does it actually mean? 

For us, it is the most common and popular sizes in the rings we create. That means we will always keep them in stock, so if you need it, we have it. 

It may be the case that you are buying for someone else but don’t know their ring size. If you get one of our standard sizes, it comes with a ring sizer and a returns form, so the recipient can measure for the correct size. If it is the same as the standard, keep it. If not, return the ring and let us know which size is needed on your returns for,. It's as simple as that. And lets you keep the surprise, a surprise!

What are our standard sizes? When deciding our standard sizes, we looked at your favourites, the ones people love and gravitate towards. Pieces like Death Moth, Volstead Skull, Hold Fast, and Until Death - our best sellers and your favourites. So it made sense to offer two ring size options, a size 6 and a size 9.

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