What's my ring size?

What's my ring size?

We frequently get asked, 'What's my ring size? How do I find out?' So we've put together an easy way to measure your ring size with a step by step guide!



-Marker pen

-String (around 15cm, not too short as it becomes awkward)

-The finger of choice for your ring


Step 1

Step 1

Gather the things you will need. Mark the string around half way, this will be the reference point where the string will meet.

Step 2

Wrap the string around the finger you would like the ring for. Be sure to not wrap the string too tight as this will mean the ring may be too small. Make sure it's comfortable. Also make sure the section you marked is at the front and visible. Mark the piece of string directly underneath the marked section.

Step 3

Measure the marked area in mm, this will be the circumference of your ring.



Step 4

Use the chart above to convert the circumference into US sizing, (this is what we use for our ring sizes). Place your order on our website and wait for your new ring. Even if the size is wrong, we will exchange it. However it just means longer waiting times for you, as all our rings are scaled to size!


  Step 5

Bask in the glory of your new Volstead Ring!

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