'X' Marks The Spot

'X' Marks The Spot

We will soon be releasing the secret co-ordinates for our Volstead treasure to a select few, but before we do just that, our fellow adventurers, please read below so you know what to do…

 Back in the 17th Century, it was a buccaneering period for pirates, the golden age for many ferocious battles between colonies and the amazing discovery of hidden treasure. Pirates were the original navigation experts. It’s actually crazy to think that in this day and age we rely on Satellite Navigation and other GPS devices to allow us to discover and get us to our points of interest. 

Between 1640 and 1730, all the adventurers of the seven seas could rely on was a basic compass and simplistic map, which made their voyages surprisingly efficient and precise. Can you imagine many in the world surviving using this method today? The Volstead crew can’t even make it to the local taxi rank in one piece after several ales! 

It is with this courage to venture into the unknown which helped inspire our ‘Pieces of Eight’ Collection by Volstead. You may have noticed that our Long John Silver piece has a map on the inside, on this map there is an ‘X’. 

Long John Silver - Gold - Apothecary 87

This ‘X’ wasn’t just carved into the ring just for show. It is now time to reveal all.

On our Facebook page this morning (1st April 2018) there will be a competition post entitled ‘X Marks the Spot’. To enter and to receive the co-ordinates for our treasure,  all you have to do is comment ‘Pirate’, like and share the post.

At midday we will randomly pick three winners and provide clues to a location. The first person to correctly name the location using the clues given, will win a treasure chest of Volstead goodies. 

Good look adventurers…your treasure awaits! 

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