Rose Gin Fizz

Rose Gin Fizz

The Rose Gin Fizz, inspired by the Ring O' Roses in the Death From Above Collection.


The Rose Gin Fizz is a classic twist on Jerry Thomas' Gin Fizz, which was first documented in the 1887 edition of his Bartenders' Guide. 

It became widely popular in America during the 1920's & 1930's which happens to be the same era as the Volstead Act.


How To Make It

Fill your Boston Cocktail Shaker tin with ice & add all the ingredients, baring the rose lemonade. Shake the ingredients vigorously, until the tin has chilled. Using Boston Strainer, pour the mixed ingredients into a tall glass, full of fresh ice. Add your rose lemonade, you should only need about 50mls, stir and garnish by adding your dehydrated rose petals to the top of the drink.

Paired With

The Rose Gin Fizz pairs perfectly with our Ring O' Roses.


Special thanks to our favourite speakeasy, The Blind Librarian, for hosting us and suppling the image used.


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