Daniel Mars

Daniel Mars

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Dan. Describe yourself in 5 words.

Empathetic, caring, motivated, kind and loyal.

Tell us about your style. What is it and how has it come to be?

My clothing style has developed through the years and is largely inspirers by post-hardcore and rock music. As the years have passed I’ve found my own style. I often take inspiration from people that dress similarly to me. But I’ll never leave home without a leather jacket and most often I dress in black. 

What is your favourite item of clothing that you couldn't live without?

My favourite piece of clothing is a leather jacket. A leather jacket is fitting for every occasion. Currently I own 12 leather jackets!

Top 5 Instagram brand accounts to follow.






What did you want to be when you were younger?

A vet and a professional football player. But I'm a model and a nurse now.

What’s exciting in your life at the moment?

To keep inspiring people with my work as a model and nurse, experience new things and to keep developing my relationship with my girlfriend.

Name your favourite Volstead pieces.

Valour Ring, Gumar Ring, Blind Tiger Bangle & the Anchor Pendant.

Whats your favourite food/meal, and who makes it best? 

Burgers from @bastardburgers 

Tell us about your favourite hobbies. 

Music, concerts, tattoos, clothing, series and movies, video games, interior design.

I mostly listen to Metalcore / Post Hardcore but I also like singer-songwriter and acoustic music. My mood often determines what music I enjoy listening to in the moment.

In terms of movies and series, I like a lot of different genres! I prefer action and horror, but I also enjoy historical pieces as I have a really big interest in history.

Have they influenced your style at all?

Yes all these things impact my style and choice of clothing on a daily basis.

A lot of my style developed when I was a teenager and started listening to Post Hardcore, Emo and heavier music. I often looked at and took inspiration from different band members and musicians - how they dressed, what tattoos and piercings they had, etc. And from there my style has developed to what it is today!

Who are your style icons/influences?







Who’s your favourite band/artist at the moment? 

It’s really hard to choose just one band honestly. But right now I’m listening a lot to Revolve and Spiritbox. Of course, my all time favorite band is August Burns Red.

What was the best part of 2023 so far? 

Spending time with my amazing girlfriend. Every moment I spend with her has been very fun, beautiful and warm. I think it’s important to value and enjoy every moment you have with your partner to show your appreciation for them. And that’s something my girlfriend and I focus a lot on. Since we are both really interested in being in front of the camera, we’ve had our first photoshoot together - we ended up with a lot of beautiful and amazing photos.

Do you have a motto for life?

A few years ago I decided to say "yes" to everything that made me uncomfortable and unsure. That could be saying "yes" to lecturing for a large group of people, or modelling on a big stage for many photographers at the same time. I like to challenge myself in this way and it really helped me develop as a person.

Have you got anything exciting planned for the future? 

Traveling to Italy with my girlfriend this summer and going to the ERRA and Sleeping with Sirens concerts. Also traveling to Dijon, France to collaborate at the tattoo convention.


Daniel's Instagram: @dannemars
Daniel's Facebook: Danny Maars

Photography: @benn.kobra and @joakimortenholm

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