Blackbeard's Helm Cufflink
Blackbeard's Helm Cufflink
Blackbeard's Helm Cufflink
Blackbeard's Helm Cufflink

Blackbeard's Helm Cufflink

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"The skies darkened, the rain poured, and the seas raged. They could see his silhouette stood at the helm. He was coming straight for them."

Blackbeard was one of the Golden Ages most notorious and ruthless of all pirates, he first grabbed the Helm in 1716 as the first officer of Buccaneer-turned-pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold of the Mary Anne. Blackbeard and Hornigold were ousted after their crew called for a vote of no confidence in Hornigold for his refusal to attack English ships. The legend of Blackbeard solidified after he took command of the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

This face of the cufflink is said to be the very Helm that navigated Blackbeard across the rough seas of the Golden Age. The iconic Jolly Roger skull and bones flags were flown to identify a pirate ship was about to attack, a flag that was flown many times during Blackbeards reign as captain. We pay homage to this with the Jolly Roger placed on the inside face of the cufflinks. If you’re a pirate and failed to see the Jolly Roger you’re about to walk the plank. Be sure you see it along with all the other glorious details on the cufflinks.

Material is 925 Sterling Silver.

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