The Downfall
The Downfall
The Downfall

The Downfall

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"The news was in, the prohibition was put in place. The rain came down in torrents, almost as if the world knew, signifying the end of life as they know it, but was it the end?"

The first earrings in our Volstead Collection, they showcase Art Deco detailing throughout the piece, with transparent areas adding depth and detail.

Materials are 925 Sterling Silver

**Please note - not all sizes in our collection are available for immediate dispatch. All of our jewellery is hand made and thus can take some time to produce depending on the size and design of the piece. Products may take 4-6 weeks to arrive, if the piece/size you order isn't in stock.

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The Devil Is In The Detail.

Our pieces are made in house at our Copenhagen workshop, by our jewellers. From concept right through to casting and polishing, our team care about the details in every step of the process.

We Are Volstead

Crafted For You.

Each piece we create, is made using a range of techniques and equipment. Every piece is hand finished in our Copenhagen workshop.

Made to Stand Out.

We craft our jewellery with detail in mind. Everything we make is created to be a statement piece you can wear with pride.