Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead
Andrew Volstead

Andrew Volstead

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"He grew tired of the crimewave that terrorised his country. He knew someone had to do something, he knew he had to do something."

Andrew Volstead is the man behind the Volstead Act in which the production, manufacture and distribution of alcohol was prohibited in the early 1920’s. We pay homage to the man as his act started the boom of speakeasies in the USA. Creating under ground bars run by outlaws giving the lawless people a place to drink, gamble and cause chaos! Thats our sort of place.

The ring has a solid coin insert with Andrew Volstead’s face detailed on the front and the Volstead V detailed on the inside. The inside is detailed with an art deco design on the inside wall and fluted design on the outer edge.

Material is 925 Sterling Silver.

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