Blind Tiger

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"The streets were empty and dark. A faint light peaked from a crack in the door, and a faint hum of music came from within. A gentle knock, and the shutter on the peephole slid back. He muttered something, the door opened, the party was in full swing."

This ring from the Volstead Collection is influenced by the mobster-run bars of the Prohibition era, selling bootleg liquor and moonshine.

A Blind Tiger is another name for these bars, also known as “Speakeasies”. Owners would often sell tickets to an event to see blind pigs or other animals, allowing them to serve free liquor to those who visited.

This aged-effect ring shows the powerful of the blind tiger, with an intricate pattern all around the body of the ring and detailed engraving on the inside. The deep-set design and raised face of the tiger show you are not to be messed with.

Material is 925 Sterling Silver.

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